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Welcome to Otto Tiles & Design

Otto Tiles & Design is a contemporary tile company with a rustic touch and the provider of unparalleled quality artisan tiles.

Damla Turgut

Founder & Creative Director

“I realised there was a gap in the design world for a blend of my homeland’s culture and art with a contemporary, rustic touch. I am inspired by Turkey, and the many civilisations and cultures who have called it home, mixing these traditional patterns with contemporary art to create something new and unique”

Born and raised in Istanbul, Founder and Creative Director Damla Turgut began her career in finance law. In 2014, frustrated with the lack of designed tiles on the market, she established Otto Tiles & Design in Istanbul. Trilingual, and with a passion for art and design, Damla is now based in London where she opened her second showroom in 2019. With its mix of contemporary, fashion-forward designs, high-level end-to-end management and quality control, Otto Tiles & Design has quickly established itself as a leader in the tile market.

Damla designs her tiles in London, and they are crafted by hand in Turkey by skilled artisans using traditional production methods. Guided by the ancient art and handicrafts of her Turkish homeland, she mixes traditional aesthetics with contemporary style to create unique and beautiful tiles and interior design.

This blend of ancient and modern, East meets West, modern and rustic, is what makes Otto Tiles & Design truly special, and helps Damla’s stunning designs stand out.

Our Team

Fidem Ozgenlik, Director, Otto UK

Fidem Ozgenlik

Director, Otto UK

Fidem is the head of Otto UK. She pays extreme attention to details and is a problem solver. Besides her team leadership, she is also a good team player.
Eda Goksahin, Director, Otto Istanbul

Eda Goksahin

Director, Otto Istanbul

Eda is our multi-talented head of the Istanbul office. Besides her artistic and management skills, she also responsible for all coordination of international shipments from New Zealand to Canada.
Iren Ipek Kariksiz, Sales Manager

Iren Kariksiz

Sales Manager

Iren is our extroverted sales manager. She is always amusing and helpful to the customers. Once she identifies a lead, she doesn’t stop until she closes the deal.

Sophie Clark, Marketing & PR, Otto Tiles and Design

Sophie Clark

Marketing & PR

Meet Sophie, our engaged marketer passionate about crafting compelling brand narratives. Armed with a strategic vision, Sophie transforms ideas into impactful campaigns.
Elif Akdas, Finance, Otto Tiles and Design

Elif Akdas

Financial Controller

When it comes to finance and banking operations, Elif is the one. She is precise and accurate. Once she concentrates, it’s hard to reach her.

Eysan Guney, Otto Tiles and Design

Eysan Guney

Customer Operations

Eysan carries out one of the most crucial parts of our operation. She is responsible for coordinating and shipping all consumer and business clients.

Menekse Gozubuyuk, Customer Relations

Menekse Gozubuyuk

Customer Service

Introducing Menekse, a customer service specialist who transforms challenges into solutions. Her dedication to exceptional service embodies our commitment to customer satisfaction, making her an invaluable team member.
Dilek Kara, Customer Relations

Dilek Kara

Customer Service

Dilek is a skilled professional in our customer service department. With her friendly approach and adept problem-solving, she ensures a positive experience for every customer and embodies our commitment to exceptional service.

Esra Balkan, Designer

Esra Balkan


Esra is a highly talented designer. She designs all the visual materials of Otto. When it comes to speed and efficiency, she is the one.

Camilla Masi, Interior Designer

Camilla Masi

Interior Designer

Camilla is your multi-talented interior designer who brings the Italian touch and style. She helps to create striking spaces according to your taste.

Vedat Sen, Export Specialist

Vedat Sen

Senior Export Specialist

Vedat is our experienced Export Specialist who makes our worldwide shipping possible. He is responsible for dealing with complex export bureaucracy and custom clearance.

Burak Yildiz, Export Specialist

Burak Yıldız

Export Specialist

Burak is responsible for arranging smooth exports for worldwide shipments.

Selin Tekoglu, Operations

Selin Tekoglu


Selin is responsible for the coordination of our operations in Istanbul. She is the backbone who connects people and tasks.

Eray Akgunduz, Logistics

Eray Akgunduz


Eray is our Logistics Expert and he’s been with us since the very first day of Otto. He manages our logistics operations and he is responsible for delivering our tiles just in time as we promised.

Chief Happiness Officers



Kirpik comes from the land down under. She is an Australian Labradoodle. She’s responsible for a range of team happiness initiatives.



Cashew is responsible for a range of team happiness initiatives at the Istanbul office.


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